Collection: Barbara Evanier

Born and raised in Port Washington on the north shore of Long Island.

Her career began in the fashion business in New York City. Working for major fashion labels in the handbag industry she quickly developed a love, and keen eye for fashion and design. Her other passions were photography,art, and art history. She has a love for what goes into making a work of art beautiful. Besides the arts and fashion, Barb has a love of life, and a zest for things that are fun and whimsical. Hence the name BE_Love Designs.

Barb would create wall art containing the ever important message “LOVE” combined with things that are fun, fashionable, and messages that people understood. As the pandemic began and people looked for outlets Barb poured her heart into spreading LOVE to a world where people stayed in their homes, and the world outside needed some cheer. People needed to smile and the dogs would do just that. Smile at a hard time that will be remembered and looked back at in history. The dogs were a combination of art, design,fashion, and LOVE. But the best part is the smiles that they bring to those that view them.