Collection: Dragan Bogdan

From  a “ war child refugee”,  to the man creating some of the most  exhilarating  contemporary  sculptures  in  fine  art, artist  Dragan  Bogdan,  has developed an original character named ‘Yogi Naya the Elephant on a surfboard'  ---  a  fun  pop  symbol  of  power,  inner and outer  balance  and  playfulness.  


Being European and growing up in Germany,  Dragan  has  adopted  the 'German engineering'  style of refined attention to detail which shows in his art & refers to his sculptures as the "sports car of sculptures".   His sculptures are all masterfully handcrafted with an exclusive technique developed by Dragan,  using mixed media along with 5+ layers of resin, achieving a luxurious one a kind depth and mirrored sheen - each single layer of resin is equivalent to 50 layers of high gloss spray.  Every liquid glass-like layer takes 72 hrs to fully dry, and in between the layers, the hardened drops of residue must be meticulously fine sanded, polished and torched in a very particular way.  


All of Yogi Naya's different positioned sculptures are designed in vibrant colors and currently come in sizes ranging from 8x6x5.5 in | 23x17x10 cm  to   51x28x18 in | 129x71x46 cm, with larger sizes in production.  Everything from sizes to colors can be customized per client's needs.