Collection: Gail Butters Cohen

Gail Butters Cohen is an expressive figurative and landscape artist. Currently living between South Florida and her cottage studio in the Laurentians, she is deeply inspired by long walks in the woods, intergenerational connections, and the ways in which human nature and mother nature interconnect and shape one another.

Working in mixed media is integral to Gail's process, resulting in unique pieces which tell their own individual stories, using both human made and natural materials. Through the process and intention of including countless layers in every piece, Gail embraces the concepts of memory and relationships, the lost and the found, and she invites them into her work, representing the undulating seasons of life.

As a creator, Gail's hope is that the viewer has a personal and individual response to every piece, each finding a connective thread and emotional resonance that ties back to their own unique human experience.


IG: @gailbcreates

FB: GailButtersCohenArtist