Collection: Graciela Castro

Graciela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is not coincidental that the artist goes by the name Graciela. Is that very grace that is evident on every canvas, in every color, with every brushstroke. Many of the better Argentine artists like Graciela were self taught, she was greatly influenced by the artistic talents of her aunt, yielding unique and incomparable pieces. The spacial and color patterns are from a special eye, an open heart, and a spirited soul. She dedicated her early adult life to raising a family. At the same time she began painting murals in her children’s rooms, these works were loved by family and friends, so Graciela continued expressing her art on the walls of many other kids. After this period in her life, she dedicated herself to painting in canvas and used different mediums, like acrylic, oil, and pastels. She has sold her work to clients in Argentina, Israel, Italy, NY and in Florida. The paintings are designed to enhance the architectural points of your home, as well as the spirit of the surroundings. The passion that she pours into every piece is evident.