Collection: Jacqueline Ellis

Jacqueline was one of the few to recognize the potential for creating fine art in the digital world. In the 1990’s, she explored the new image-making software. Mastering the software and pushing the envelope, she was invited to join the Bryce Meta Tools 3D software beta test team in 1997. She was a premier graphic designer when digital design broke onto the scene, completing commissions for several Fortune 500 companies. ARTCO, Madison Avenue, New York, represented her. Serving as a capstone to this period, she created virtual worlds to display the works of several world-renowned fashion designers, including Yves St. Laurent and Versace. Her work was displayed in these designers’ couture design studios. Later the work was displayed in a full page spread in the internationally known magazine, Mac Art and Design. Photography entered her work during this period.Jacqueline developed a unique pen and ink style in the 1980’s. Focusing upon women, her drawings in this period are rich in detail and sensuous in image. In “Ecstasy”, a single, uninterrupted line completes the form of a woman at one with her surroundings on a beach. Jacqueline now devotes her full attention to digital fine art. Although sometimes fanciful, much of her current work echoes the beauty of the Masters of the past—in texture, theme and lighting. She continues as a pioneer. Jacqueline is a graduate of the Alamosa School of Art, a school emphasizing the fundamentals of the great masters ranging over a multitude of artistic media.