Collection: Jane McCartney

I have always had an appreciation for all things hand crafted and unique, and fashion has been my life long love. I've designed couture and unique garments using antique laces, embroidery, and vintage beads, which I sold to small, artsy boutiques.

I also created bespoke garments and wedding dresses for my private clients, utilizing their family heirlooms and fabrics purchased on their world travels.

This passion for assemblage and re-purposing has carried through to my jewelry designs. I love to lay out all of my beads by colors, textures, and sizes, then mix and layer together. I use many vintage elements that have been in my treasure chest for years. I start beading from my center focal point & see where the journey takes me.

I make a very limited edition of my designs and many are one of a kind so that you will have a creation unique unto yourself. I also work with private clients to create a custom design just for them, oftentimes utilizing some of their family jewelry, reworking and modernizing a treasured piece for this modern age.