Collection: Justyn Farano

My Upbringing:
My parents taught me the values of hard work, dedication, ethics, and family. Growing up I could always be found with a paint brush or baseball glove in my hand. Playing the game of baseball up to the collegiate level as well as developing my artistic technique were my treasured passions.

The Early Years:
After I graduated from The University of Tampa in 2002, I expanded my understanding of composition, balance, and spacing in the field of graphic design by establishing my own design firm. However, it did not provide the same level of gratification that I got from painting. After a few years this lead me to the decision to sell that company in order to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist.

Taking the Leap:
In 2005, I founded Sports Art Illustrated, which is known today as Farano Fine Art. The early years starting out were really tough. I personified the definition of the starving artist. Despite working tirelessly day in and day out, it was a challenging struggle. I frequently thought my art career was coming to an end, but my relentless determination thankfully would not allow that to happen.

Like most entrepreneurs, I wanted to be successful, make a very good living, and, hopefully, one day become famous for my craft. Yet, that isn’t what has motivated me all these years; the fear of failure has actually been the catalyst to my success. Similar to that of an elite athlete obsessed with their craft, I am continuously striving for greatness in mine. Every year I set goals for myself as an artist, brand, business, and individual. Through hard work and resilience, Farano Fine Art has become the elite luxury sports art brand that it is today.

Looking Ahead:
Those humbling early years make me appreciate my success and never allow me to take anything for granted. It’s been an ever evolving, yet amazing journey and look forward to what the future holds.