Collection: Katrina Kacandes

"The Arts allow us to return to that authentic, timeless space of potentiality of pure positive Energy. When we connect fully, as my ancient ancestors called in Body, Mind and Sout; it is a magical place I love to visit. I believe we came to sift, sort and expand with this alignment. "  Katrina  xx

     It’s not a surprise that Katrina, a self-taught Expressionist painter, has been drawn to Abstract Art where she finds the artist can tap in, tune in and get turned on. Self-expression is paramount in Katrina’s life. Her Greek/Irish American upbringing fostered her love and appreciation for the Arts in many forms. She was a professional Greek Folk Dancer. Her various careers in world class luxury resorts, travels to 4 continents, collegiate sports, knowledge and life’s experiences of living and working in 6 coastal East & Western states influences her art and life. She likes to call her '' First Loves” Dance, Photography, Painting and a  cute boy in kindergarten. :) Katrina also practices various forms of energy  psychology and energy methods. 

    Katrina believes that when you are tapped into the pure energy of creating… one can find balance, joy, love and harmony regardless of the exterior chaos in the world.  This is much needed in today's world. The exquisite beauty all around inspires her use of bold colors, rhythmic movement, imbued emotional energy, geometric shapes and complex textures.  The left and right hemispheres of the brain are invited to actively participate. Katrina's “Fairy Lands Series” is a visual feast for the senses of all ages. Images appear; nothing is intentional.  Directions:  1) Take a deep inhale through the nose and then exhale out the mouth 2) Relax your gaze 3) Allow the painting to talk to you 4) What do you See?  5) it is the next person’s turn. Repeat steps 1-5.  You will be surprised at what you see when you tune in.  The game is called TURN ** SEE** PLAY.   Katrina’s mixed media and collage work consists of acrylic paint, charcoal, papers and repurposed assorted household items that happily get a second life are playful and engaging.  The wearable Ab X acrylic  necklace line she calls “Rock On” are small, one of a kind,  hand painted colorful designs for everyone.  Images of hearts, fish, sunsets…often appear in this series. Katrina’s paint blotters are made from recycled food boxes that are cut up to create one of a kind note cards. She hasn’t bought a card in 10 years. The card can also be framed as a mini piece of art. The Art that keeps on giving.  "Let Your Light Shine" is her one of a kind ,hand painted Lamp shade Series.   

     Katrina's newest series is called " I am.. "and "Be More..." . This mixed media copulation of many many layers of acrylic paints, pastels, Japanese markers on canvas. It came about in a personal way. She wanted a daily personal meditation tool  for her specific focuses. The line was birthed to Inspire, Encourage and Motivate to be a better YOU. She believes we are here to Evolve .You can purchase an already made piece or co-create with Katrina by providing 50 adjectives you wish her to incorporate in the art in various sizes. It's a win-win.