Collection: Keith Kimmel

Born in Miami Beach, FL, Keith Kimmel (known as the art of kEith’s) artistic path relied much upon discovery. His talent of word, his poetic spirit, his yearn for narrative led him to his current body of work. Gifted with a natural awareness, he considers his education a sort of autodidactic smorgasbord that allowed him to channel his astute, sensitive perspective into an altogether unique technique and style. Inspired (among other influences) by the Beatnik, free-form abstract expressionist aesthetic of the mid-20th century, Kimmel uses his art as a declaration of freedom and the ideal. His technique follows a so-called intuitive intuition in an effort to reveal beauty essence without limitation of conscious thought, yet at the same time trusting and following rational intellect, and art feeling. It is art feeling that yields the free notion of art. He remains open to the guidance of shape, color, texture and form -- these basic concepts of perception. There is no sense in following fashion as he works with the true source of what art is. Kimmel currently lives and works in Manhattan.

More artwork coming soon!