Collection: Sebastian Piazza

Sebastian Francis Piazza is a stone and wood sculptor, specializing in abstract and unique pieces, using only the world's finest marbles.

No two pieces are the same and the only inspiration he listens to, he believes comes from the Gods and the stones themselves…


Sculpting for over a decade now, Sebastian Francis Piazza began his sculpture adventure at the young age of thirteen, where he apprenticed under the worldly sculptor William Reed.

Sebastian learned the complex art form in exchange for his time and hard work in the studio. Over the course of nearly ten years, Sebastian taught sculpture classes, finished high-end pieces for students and clients, and helped in managing the art studio.


Eventually, Sebastian opened his own sculpting studio and is now creating his own unique sculptures that embody his love for the natural elements of stone and wood. His pieces can be found in various galleries in South Florida, Art fairs, Government buildings, and as beautiful additions to high-end fine art collections.

More artwork coming soon!