Collection: Stasha Jewelry by Stacey Mironov

Jewelry with Soul

Stacey Mironov has been an artist and jewelry designer since a very young age, even before she worked in the costume jewelry department of Bambergers department store (now Macy’s) at age 16 years old. While there Stacey’s eyes were opened to the world of both famous costume and fine jewelry designers, who to this day still inspire her work, along with hundreds of hours of classes from her favorite and influential jewelry artisans over the years. You could say it’s in her blood, having a mother who taught Stacey to paint oils at age nine, and who went on to become a stone sculptor and painter herself. 

Over the years Stacey has been known as a metalsmith jewelry artist, bead jewelry designer, antique costume jewelry dealer and appraiser, mosaic fine artist, graphic artist and web designer. Stacey has taught jewelry classes at the Dallas Museum of Art, various bead stores, craft venues, and served on the Board of the Palm Beach Bead Society. Now retired from corporate Americawhere she held senior professional marketing roles, Stacey devotes her heart and soul into creating her jewelry brand Stasha Jewelry, Jewelry with Soul.

According to Stacey, she came up with the name for her jewelry line when a favorite Aunt use to call her Stasha as a child. To cherish that memory, and upon researching the name, Stacey learned that Stasha is derived from that which means new beginnings, resurrection, abundance, attracting love, and in essence spiritual growth. It is with that positive intention she pours her soul into each one-of-a-kind necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings.

Stasha Jewelry is handmade with the highest quality materials including her trademark pearls (in most every item), semi-precious stones, and many pieces include vintage glass, antique components, ancient beads and found objects from Stacey’s extensive travels throughout the world.  

Please browse Stacey’s gallery pages to see a few of the pieces exclusive to Posh Design Studio. If you would like a custom piece or are looking for something in particular — we can work with you at the Gallery.