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Michele Cancro

Awakening I

Awakening I

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Dimensions: 48 x 48

This piece is based on the concept of the male spirit - the Yang - being more dominant.  This follows the similar path as in Awakening I.  The spirit represented here is more male but the female spirit is also coming thru.  And again, it may be that this male spirit just has a strong understanding of their feminine side.  It also may symbolize the man who identifies more strongly with his feminine side.  There are many ways in the LGBTQ community where this can be seen also. With both Awakening I and II, I feel that there is again that Duality of Yin and Yang, that Two Spirit person.  I feel that anyone who has any of these dual feelings, a dual spirit has a tendency to be able to connect on a different level - to be able to see things from two different perspectives. The male spirit side as well as the female spirit side.  An Awakening of sorts. The emergence of a higher level of understanding.

By Michele Cancro

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