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Michele Cancro

Breaking Out

Breaking Out

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Dimensions: 48 x 48

This piece was done during the lockdown caused by Covid 19.  The rainbow colors are partly because the rainbow became a symbol of hope to many during this pandemic.  It's also a symbol for the LGBTQ community.  The crackling white on top of the colors of the rainbow is symbolic of the Breaking Out that we all wanted to do after being stuck home for so long.  It's also symbolic of the way most people in the LGBTQ community go thru a time of Breaking Out - or coming out as we typically say.  People Break Out of many things in life.  Sometimes it's about your sexuality, it could be Breaking Out of a bad relationship, a job that you don't like, coming out of your shell, etc. At some point in time, we all Break Out of something. 

By Michele Cancro

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